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At Altus Shipping, headquartered in the UAE, our commitment is to comprehend the intricate landscape of the insurance market as it pertains to a diverse clientele engaged in shipping cargo and passenger transport via sea passage. Leveraging a team with a profound legal understanding and an updated global database, Altus Shipping strives to earn the trust of leading insurers, charterers, ship owners, and financiers. We position ourselves as a one-stop specialized, multi-disciplinary marine and engineering consultancy, offering accuracy in information, trusted advice, prompt support, and assistance in safeguarding marine asset interests.

Our Core Services

Full Marine Survey Reports

We provide comprehensive marine survey reports tailored to the specific needs of our clients and the type of survey required. Whether for motor or sailing vessels, our reports are crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Condition and Valuation Survey Reports:

Recognized by marine insurance companies, our condition and valuation survey reports are suitable for various purposes. We ensure that our reports meet the rigorous standards demanded by our clients.

Types of surveys offered


    Pre-Purchase Surveys

    Thorough assessments conducted prior to vessel acquisition.

    Sea Trials

    Sea Trials

    Testing and verification of a vessel’s performance at sea.

    Insurance Surveys

    Insurance Surveys

    Detailed surveys aimed at meeting the requirements of marine insurance companies.

    P&I and Insurance Surveys

    P&I and Insurance Surveys

    Specialized surveys catering to Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurance requirements.

    On/Off Hire Surveys

    On/Off Hire Surveys

    Surveys conducted during the commencement or conclusion of charter agreements.

    Marine Warranty Surveys

    Marine Warranty Surveys

    Assessments to ensure compliance with warranty conditions.

    Vessel Assurance Surveys

    Vessel Assurance Surveys

    Surveys focused on ensuring the seaworthiness and compliance of vessels.

    Damage Surveys

    Damage Surveys

    Thorough investigations following incidents to assess and report damage.

    Pre-Vetting Surveys

    Pre-Vetting Surveys

    Evaluations conducted in preparation for vetting processes.

    Altus boasts unparalleled contacts within the marine community. We offer expert advice on a range of marine issues, including casualty attendance, technical investigations, support during court and arbitration proceedings, as well as consultancy, surveys, and audits.


    As the officially appointed commercial operator for the vessel, our primary objective is to ensure the continuous commercial activity of the ship, with a focus on maximizing the owner’s profit. We diligently monitor vessel bunker management, utilizing advanced tools like voyage performance analysis and cargo pumping analysis. Our team collaborates closely with third-party entities such as agencies, terminals, and port authorities to ensure a seamless and efficient Load/Discharge performance.

    ALTUS stands at the forefront of collateral management, serving as a trusted partner for local and international financiers in mitigating risks associated with financing transactions. Our comprehensive risk mitigation solutions involve evaluating the risks underpinning loan security, offering a robust framework to safeguard the interests of financiers.


    Global Expertise and Network

    ALTUS boasts an extensive network and the capability to dispatch experts across the Middle East, India, and North Africa Region. This ensures a meticulous evaluation of declared goods/cargo, aligning with financier-declared risks.

    Risk Evaluation and Mitigation

    Our experts specialize in assessing and mitigating risks associated with collateral. This includes tracking and reporting activities and movements of commodities at specific locations or between locations, providing a comprehensive risk profile for financiers.

    Port-Related Inspections

    ALTUS offers a suite of services, including vessel loading/discharge inspections and other port-related assessments. This ensures that every aspect of the collateral, from transportation to handling, meets the stringent standards set by financiers.

    Container and Industry-Required Inspections

    Our services extend to pre-loading container inspections, inspections for claims and short-landings on behalf of shippers/consignees and carriers, insurance inspections, and any other industry-required inspections.

    Diverse Commodity Portfolio

    Clean and Dirty Petroleum Products

    IMO Type II/III Chemicals


    Base Oils

    Wheat, Fruits, Vegetable Oil, and Rice


    Retail Goods

    Hard Commodities



    We aspire to be the first choice for both charterers and ship owners, delivering excellence in ship and cargo broking services. Our chartering desk is dedicated to surpassing expectations, adhering to pre-fixture and post-fixture requirements with precision and professionalism.

    Tailored Proposals

    Our chartering desk meticulously crafts proposals for both spot charters and time charter fixtures, ensuring alignment with the unique needs of our clients.

    Voyage Estimation and Costing

    We go beyond the basics, providing comprehensive voyage estimation and costing services, equipping our clients with accurate financial insights for informed decision-making.

    Bunker Estimation

    Fuel is a significant factor in the shipping industry. We offer precise bunker estimation services, enabling efficient fuel management throughout the voyage.

    Full Voyage Analysis and Recaps

    Our commitment to transparency extends to providing full voyage analysis and recaps, offering a detailed overview of the entire journey from start to finish.

    Yacht Services

    We at Altus Shipping Services LLC can assist Yacht owners and professionals with a comprehensive range of surveys to meet all insurance and finance requirements.

    Sale/purchase Inspection & Evaluation of Yachts

    A sale and purchase inspection along with a valuation certificate is issued for the buyers/brokers to get a technical view of the yacht’s condition before purchase considerations. These are done in six stages:


    • In water Inspection (superficial)
    • Sea trial (at sellers’ risk, cost of fuel & skipper)
    • Out of water inspection to ascertain condition of hull & propellers (inclusive of points 1 & 2)
    • Inspection of the decks, deck equipment, machinery and onboard systems
    • Sea trials and system trials
    • Inspections of house systems and safety systems

    Bank or insurance valuation

    • Assessment of the vessel condition and structural integrity
    • Inspection and operational tests of the vessel safety systems
    • Qualified valuation

    New-build and refit inspections

    • Assessment of the standard specifications and client extras
    • Planned inspection schedule
    • Milestone and stage payment inspections
    • Launch and commissioning trials
    • Pre-delivery Sea trials and quality control
    • Acceptance and handover inspections and trials

    Other surveys and specialist services

    • Warranty surveys
    • Moisture measurement of laminate structures
    • Oil sampling
    • Ultrasound thickness measurement